Thursday, May 14, 2009

Music Teacher

I often wonder if educators understand just how long of an effect they can have on a student?

Tonight I went to my grand daughter Ania's concert at her middle school. It was an excellent middle school concert. There was one young lady who had a solo and it was one of those moments that when she opened her mouth - it made you sit up, listen closer and ask yourself, "... did that come out of her?" An excellent voice - she will be a singer one day. I digress - educators.

I had a high school music teacher, Mr. Eugene Havercamp who not only taught music but gave private lessons as well. I was in both his choir and took voice lessons. As I was watching the young kids tonight I could hear his voice in my head, "You can't sing with your mouth closed. Open up!!"

I can hear his voice to this day and have thought of him frequently during the last 40 some years whenever I observed someone trying to sing with their mouth closed. When I was singing in church or in a choir I could hear him tell me, "...breath from your diaphram...let it out slow." 40 years and I still follow his directions

Mr Havercamp was killed in an auto accident several years ago and I regret not having had the opportunity to have told him he helped me to sing a good song (with my mouth open).

My 40th class reunion is coming up in July and I'm sorta on the committee. We have been inviting all of the teachers we can find to attend as our guest. Why? So we can share our successes and lessons learned and to say thanks... except for that one time...


Silver said...

i'd will stay with you forever.

You just never forget teachers..sweet or otherwise. ;)

from One Day at a Time with Silver/

lakeviewer said...

This is so sweet to read for some of us educators. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I have a few teachers I am so glad passed through my life!

I am sorry to hear your teacher is gone now and will miss the words you could share with him of his lasting impression in a life.

Except which time? Hmmmm, what next?