Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snake Vs Mouse

This story is to good not to repeat - my youngest daughter is visiting from Minnesota and told us about a friend of hers who has a pet snake. Her friend had been feeding the snake "freeze-dried" mice for it's meals, but suddenly one day the snake stopped eating them. After several days she took the snake to the vet and the vet told her she would have to switch to live mice.

Being a bit on the squeamish side she didn't want to witness the mouse's demise so she turned out all the lights and went to bed. In the middle of the night she heard a racket and banging in the living room. When she went to check out the noise she discovered it was her snake banging it's head against the cage frantically trying to get out of the seems that the mouse had a grip on the snakes tail and was eating it like corn on the cob. She said the mouse ate all the way to the spine. She quickly dispatched the mouse and took the snake to the vet the following morning. It seems that this not unique behavior on the part of the mouse or the snake. The vet told her she had to give the snake a benadine wash to keep the wound from becoming infected. So...she prepared the solution in a tub of water and dropped the snake in.... What she did not realize was that the variety of snake she owned did not know how to swim so the snake was thrashing around and drowning. By the time she got the snake out it was limp - not dead - but, exhausted from being nearly eaten to death and then drowned.

She ended up putting a compress on every day and the snake got over his refusal to eat "freeze dried" mice. He probably didn't want to face another snake eating mouse. To ll seems fair that occasionally the mice get to eat the snake!!