Saturday, January 17, 2009

Frozen Pipes

Finding a plumber on a day when it was 34 below zero proved difficult. The first plumber we called said - "no way, we're too busy un-freezing pipes." The 2nd place we called said - "We're going out of town, back next week. Good luck" (Seems they missed a good money making opportunity) We then called the Roto Rooter guy and he said he could make it.

He showed up about 5:45 PM and got right to work. Turns out our pipes were frozen. He "rooted" then used a hair dryer and hot water to finish the job. While he was putting everything back together he broke one of the pipes on the garbage disposal. He was apologetic and ran right out to buy a replacement part - no charge. I was so impressed with his work ethic and friendly demeanor (and the fact it was close to 8 at night) I tipped him. (Out of my character). Water runs now and today we'll shop for some insulation. Of course it probably won't be 34 below zero for another 50 years - but, hey, we'll be ready!!

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Sara G said...

We own a small plumbing business! My hubby has be thawing pipes since Friday but our temps didn't get near as cold as yours.
Take care and KEEP WARM!!