Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ironing Board Pedestrian Accident

I do not know what possessed me to join the masses shopping today - but I ventured out. It was probably the $20 Best Buy Rewards Bonus I received in the mail - they give me $20 I give them $80 - m-m-m-, how does that work?
At any rate, as I was walking past a Bed Bath and Beyond store a woman came out of the door (at a high rate of speed), not looking left, or right, just barged onto the sidewalk. BAM - I got nailed with a glancing blow from her just purchased ironing board. Since we were both walking there was no need to exchange driver's licenses or insurance information - and she was apologetic. I was not injured - so good on so many fronts, can you see the headline if I had been injured, "Pedestrian Ironing Board Accident sends One to the ER", or "The Police are still looking for the lady reposnsible for the hit and run with an ironing board..."
Ok - that's silly - but it did strike me (no pun indended) as humorous when it happened... But, hey, Shoppers - be careful out there...!!

On The Side

My wife and I attended a company christmas party this week and she ordered a dinner salad with the dressing on the side.
Now, I would think most people understand that "on the side" means, "in a little container sitting next to the salad", however, when her salad arrived the dressing was on the salad - albeit on the side of the salad...