Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Toilet

Old Throne
Last Sunday as I was leaving the church I needed to make a quick restroom stop.  I closed the door to discover that someone had put paper towel into the toilet (the church has a cistern system and we have paid thousands of dollars for one problem or the other this year alone.  Paper towel going down the system creates difficulties.)  At any rate - I fished it out and then went to flush the toilet to discover that it was busted.  They just don't make toilets like they used to...

I called the church to let the Church Secretary know about the issue and then later in the day sent an email to the priest to let him know as well.

It seems that he had 7 or 8 people tell him while he was still at the church, and received another 1/2 dozen or so emails later in the day.  When I spoke with him the next day he simply said, "I wish I could get that quick of response from a  stewardship letter."