Monday, April 23, 2007

The Easter Bunny

I have two Easter Stories to share:

My wife and I were shopping at Target for groceries and Easter stuff and saw the chocolate bunny pictured above - the expression of the eyes made me laugh out loud - it's like they're saying, "You want to eat what?" I had to buy the bunny to take his picture.

Story number two: My grandson was shopping with grandma for materials to dye easter eggs and he found some Star Wars decorations for the eggs. Grandma said, "No. Star Wars is too violent for Easter.

With urgency, he pleaded, "But, grandma, Easter is about crucifixtion and that's pretty violent."

Grandma had to think about that a second, "You're right, the cruicifixtion was pretty violent, but no Star Wars on Easter eggs..."

Kids can be pretty perceptive...

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