Friday, December 29, 2006

This is NOT Iowa!!

This is not Iowa... I do not remember a time in my lifetime when there has been NO SNOW in Iowa during the month of December. No snow at Thanksgiving - that's normal. No snow for Christmas - it happens. But, no snow at all - now that's rare. We've had rain this month, but no snow. Some might say that this is evidence of "global warming" - I don't know about that - a quick check of the weather records show that the last time we had a winter start like this was in 1889 (not that I recall that however).

It was almost 50 degrees yesterday - will I ever get to use my snowblower?

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ArmyVet said...

No snow here in Tennessee. I was out the other day BBQing in shorts and a t-shirt with the outside x-mess lights on! (lol)

This has been one crazy holiday season!!