Sunday, April 12, 2009

Let the little children not hinder them

My wife and I go to an Episcopal Church and we have a young priest who is serving the parish. We really love his enthusiam and energy. He races in triathalons - something I can't even imagine. My triathalon would consist of trying to eat ice cream, chocolate brownies and a cheesburger at the same time...

At any rate the following conversation was heard in church a couple of weeks ago:

The priests wife was trying to reason with a rather talkative 3 year old, "Be quiet...stop talking we're in church."

"Daddy's talking..."

"Daddy's the priest..., now sh-h-h-"

A couple of minutes later the reasoning went out to the hallway where I assume reason prevailed. Some people seemed to be be bothered if kids make noises in church, but they are the life blood of any church or organization. They are curious, filled with love and enthusiam, and brighten most everybody's day. So, if the 3 year old wants to start preaching early, I say go for it!!


Anonymous said...

I could not agree more. When some of my kids were teens or toddlers, there were some folks at church who didn't much care for the wiggles of children. If my kids so much as squiggled (and I was strict about it!) there were a few adults ready to scowl and give them a disapproving glance. How sad that they did not realize kids have a choice one day to come to church or not, when they are grown. I try to remember this when anyone little or tall, but is not fully grown,is making me feel impatient with their voices in church. After all, I hope their voices will be heard there long after I am gone.

photowannabe said...

I love the 3 year old's logic of Daddy's talking...Children are children and most 3 year olds don't understand being quiet for an entire hour. I totally agree with the other commenter. I want to encourage little ones not thwart them.

Anonymous said...

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