Monday, March 23, 2009


The year before my wife graduated from high school (don't even think I'm going to say the year)... she acquired a concrete frog. The frog stayed with her through the rest of high school, her trip off to college, the 17 years of her first marriage and 23 years of our marriage. This was an outdoor frog - he wasn't house broken.

The frog lived in Iowa, Florida, Rhode Island, Illinois, Louisiana, California and Minnesota. He weathered cold, ice, snow, 2 hurricanes, 1.5 earthquakes and the brutality of movers, but, our home was not home without the concrete frog sitting by the front door. Last year - the cold, snow and ice finally took their toll and when the snow cleared all that was left was a crumbled bit of concrete.

Two of our grandkids thought that the frog should have a burial, so they buried what was left of the frog in a flower bed and used a brick for a headstone (above photo). Katharine gave a beautiful eulogy for the frog which ended, "... I hope he goes to hell...".

"Katharine" her brother yelled, "Grandma she said a bad word." When Grandma inquired about why she would say such a thing, Katharine said, "I couldn't spell heaven...".

Yesterday while at Target we came upon a frog (unpainted) which looked exactly like the recently deceased and buried frog. The frog was purchased and we tromped off to Lowe's Hardware to buy frog paint. The guy at the paint counter got a chuckle over the story and said he had never been asked to pick out paint for a frog.

Here is our newest addition...

... maybe he'll last as long as the last frog.


Sara G said...

Love the frog story and wonderful job painting and photographing it.
Take care

photowannabe said...

Fun story. I love the logic of children and how their minds work. I hope frog #2 will last for many, many years.

Photojenni said...

This story is a classic!