Sunday, September 27, 2009


I was speechless and flabbergasted last night. I was at Target and had to by some canned air to dust off my keyboards and screens. Upon check-out the girl asks, "May I see your ID Please?"

"My ID?," I ask, "For what?"
"The air, sir."
"The air. You're kidding right?"
"No, sir, I need to see your ID.

She then made me take my license out of my billfold, she looked at it and then scanned it into their system.

Still speechless (or at least nearly), I managed to ask her what this is all about. It seems that people buy air to get high and that the state law enforcement authorities track those who buy air to make sure they are not buying an exorbitant amount.

I have never heard of such a thing. I have for meth ingredients, but air? How do you get high on air? Can't you just take a deep breath and be high on life? I don't get it...

So, what about the air hose at the gas station? Do people addicted to air sneak into the station in the middle of the night and stuff the hose up their nose? I don't think I have ever read about anyone busted for possesson of air?


photowannabe said...

Now I have heard it all!!

Laura said...

If I remember correctly, it's the propellant that when inhaled, maked people high. Same thing goes for any aerosol cans. Seems crazy but in the teenage crowd, they'll take whatever they can get their hands on!