Sunday, January 04, 2009

Scissors Take A Ride

This morning was an icy morning - as evidenced by a picture in a prior post. Before we left the house this morning for church I grabbed a pair of scissors from the kitchen (to open the bag of salt) and proceeded to the garage. I opened the bag and sat the scissors on the trunk of my car. I proceeded to cover the driveway in salt. When I finished, back into the house I went.

This evening, a good 12 hours and 15 miles since this morning, we went to pick up my mother-in-law and sister-in-law for a trip to a steak house. When we arrived at their house we needed to put something into the trunk, so I popped the trunk - and, off came a pair of scissors. The same pair of scissors I used to open the bag of salt in the morning. They had been on my trunk from our house to the church, from the church to visit a friend in the hospital, from the hospital to our house and then to pick up folks for supper. It's a wonder that with all the slipping, sliding, bumping and jumping that they didn't fall off- sure glad they didn't fall off and stab a pedestrian. And, best of all - I don't have to buy a new pair!!!

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Anonymous said...

That's too funny! If it had been something of value it would've fell of never to be seen again.