Wednesday, March 28, 2018

New Web Banner

Currently working on a new logo/web banner.  Since I retired I've been catching up on a few things I've put off - including a nap or two.  I will try to blog a bit more.  I've got to say though, Facebook and Instagram have received most of my attention.  I will try to remember that - but, with the Blog I have 17 followers and on Facebook over 350.  I'll have to weigh where I put my efforts.  I hate to do a post and have to post it 3 times.

Saturday, January 13, 2018


I retired from my credit union job on the 2nd of January 2018. I find myself beginning a new adventure - retired.  Although I'm retired from the credit union job I am still doing photography and writing projects and working on the at home projects that have often been ignored.  It seems we have a basement filled with projects.

I have also discovered that a chunk of my "social calendar" is being spent with doctors and dentists.  I am thankful for great insurance.

It is my goal to do more blogging and posting of photographs but will likely take me a month or two to acclimate.

Sunday, August 03, 2014


Our newest Grandson, Joseph James Gallagher is being baptized today.  We seem to be a bit Early - I grew up in the Navy and where if you were 15 minutes early you were already 15 minutes late.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mothers Advice

It has been a while since I have Blogged and I am going to try to remedy my lapse.  I could offer a long list of whys - but will not.  Suffice it to say I have been otherwise engaged.

I know that most of us when our Mothers told us something when we were teenagers, probably didn't take the advice.  Perhaps we filed her advice away in some distant place in our brain. 

My Mothers advice found its way to the top of my mind last week.  I am working on a credit card promotion for the credit union I work for, and part of the promotion is to encourage everyone to be aware of opportunities to ask people if they would be interested in one of our credit cards.

The memory of what my Mother told me when I was about 14 came rushing to the surface, "You know that they're going to say either yes, or no.  If you know that NO may be the answer and are prepared for it, then ask the question.  If you don't ask the question, the answer will always be no."

How many times have we been to shy to ask some one for something?  I find myself failing to ask the question - not as frequently as in the past.  But, I am prepared for no, and you know what?  Yes is quite frequently the answer.  So - go ahead and ask!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Steve Jobs Movie

Waiting for a matinee movie to start -  the Steve Jobs Movie.  So far we're the only ones here.  Gee just like a huge movie room at home - not!!

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Proud To Be From Iowa

A Safe Place

This story was related to me by a friend and I thought it deserved wider distribution than just my 2 ears. 
Last weekend was Sturgis Falls weekend in Cedar Falls, Iowa (a local celebration with parades, food vendors, music, and a lot to do for the weekend).  My friend and her husband live several blocks from the main activity.  As they were coming home on Sunday afternoon from an outing her husband took the dog for a walk and she saw a "little old lady" sitting on the corner in a lawn chair.  She thought that odd.... as there was no parade due, so she went over to visit.
The lady explained that her and her friend had been to some of the festivities and were looking for her car and they couldn't find it, so her friend had her sit on the corner as "she" went to find the car.  She left with the admonition, "Do not leave this place."
"How long have you been sitting her?" my friend asked - "A couple of hours" she replied.
"Oh my, how are you, can I help - would you like some water?"
"Yes, that would be nice, and may I use your restroom?"
After being refreshed the little old lady (who was 82) came right back out to the corner to wait for her friend to find her.  After a bit she saw her son coming up the sidewalk and she was so grateful, but now she was concerned about her friend who had not returned so she sent her son to find her...again leaving the lady to wait.  In the middle of this a policeman wandered by and inquired as to what was happening.  And after hearing the story decided to wait until everyone was found. 
It seems that the ladies were several blocks past where they thought they parked their car.  Her friend went to find the car and couldn't so she went back to the corner, where she "thought" she left her friend - she was gone.  She panicked and called the little old ladies son who came to help search for his mother.  After several misses all were soon reunited and off they went.
I ask - where, but in a small town in Iowa can you leave an 82 year old lady sitting on a corner in a lawn chair, and not have her attacked, robbed or molested?  On the contrary - she was taken in by a stranger, made comfortable, and had someone to wait with her.  Makes me proud to be from Iowa.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Pressure Cooker Registration

I imagine that since pressure cookers were used as a deadly weapon (sadly) that before long we will see the creation of a new regulatory department - "The Department of Pressure Cooker Compliance" (PPCC).  The department will be tasked to register all current pressure cookers, establish regulations for the control, sale and registration of pressure cookers, and the department will participate in new designs of pressure cookers which would minimize the fatal nature of the cookers.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Train Travel

My spouse, her sister and their mother are taking a train to California.  I dropped them off earlier today at the terminal.

I just received a MMS Photo of a picture of their berth in the sleeping car.  A couple of minutes later I received another picture stating "this" is our room.

Curiosity got the better of me so I called...It seems that she was in someone else's room and after she took the picture she rang for the porter and asked about their luggage - like where was it?

Her luggage was in her berth - in the next car...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Toilet

Old Throne
Last Sunday as I was leaving the church I needed to make a quick restroom stop.  I closed the door to discover that someone had put paper towel into the toilet (the church has a cistern system and we have paid thousands of dollars for one problem or the other this year alone.  Paper towel going down the system creates difficulties.)  At any rate - I fished it out and then went to flush the toilet to discover that it was busted.  They just don't make toilets like they used to...

I called the church to let the Church Secretary know about the issue and then later in the day sent an email to the priest to let him know as well.

It seems that he had 7 or 8 people tell him while he was still at the church, and received another 1/2 dozen or so emails later in the day.  When I spoke with him the next day he simply said, "I wish I could get that quick of response from a  stewardship letter."

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Early Bird Gets The Worm

I heard an interesting quote today...  "The early bird may get the worm, but the 2nd mouse gets the cheese."  

Perhaps I need to get over my need to be first in line...