Friday, December 29, 2006

This is NOT Iowa!!

This is not Iowa... I do not remember a time in my lifetime when there has been NO SNOW in Iowa during the month of December. No snow at Thanksgiving - that's normal. No snow for Christmas - it happens. But, no snow at all - now that's rare. We've had rain this month, but no snow. Some might say that this is evidence of "global warming" - I don't know about that - a quick check of the weather records show that the last time we had a winter start like this was in 1889 (not that I recall that however).

It was almost 50 degrees yesterday - will I ever get to use my snowblower?

Friday, December 22, 2006


My youngest daughter pointed out that it has been nearly a month since I had "blogged". She checks my blog everyday and has left my site with no new inspiration. So, she told me, in clear terms - I need to get busy.
Part of my dilema is that I seem to want to write stories (of a variety of lengths) and until one is ready I don't blog. I'll try 2 different approaches:

First, I will try to blog more frequently with observations and questions, and...
Second, I'll try to notch up the writing to provide a few more stories. I have so many - so stay tuned!!

Need A Proofreader?

A company purchased 1,000's of this holiday
mug and shipped them to their stores.
Take a closer look...

Notice anything? Where's the "s"???

Made in China - this is why the world needs

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