Friday, August 20, 2010

Fountain Prank

Fountain in Cedar Rapids
A coincidence I SWEAR!!  Those who know me are aware that during my college days I placed a box of tide into a fountain.  The story can be found on this blog The Bubble Bath. As it turns out my wife and family were having lunch across the street from the soap filled fountain.  The owners of the fountain had a sense of humor about it - something I did not encounter in 1969.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Kids Say The Funniest Things

Looking for Lunch
Four of our seven grandkids visited for the weekend and to keep them entertained we took them to a couple of museums.  At one of the museums there was a snake exhibit.  Grandma has a great fear of snakes and the closest she would get to the snakes was the top floor (snake exhibit was in the basement) and if she could have had a choice - the building next door would have been too close.  Grandpa was elected to take whoever wanted to go see the snakes - (oh joy)....  One of the girls want to go see the snakes so off we went and we were ever so lucky (sarcasm) a demonstration was starting in 5 minutes where you could "pet" the snake if you wanted to...

The guy who was the snake handler came into the room with 2 pillow cases and one very large container.  There were probably about 15 kids and 5 adults in the room.  He proceeded to take the snakes out one at a time and explained about their origin, what they ate, etc.  It was interesting - even though I didn't particularly enjoy being in a room where I could "be" lunch.  He let the kids touch the snakes if they wanted to...

Right after he started the presentation a little girl, probably about 5 or 6 years old raised her hand and asked him, "Do you have a snake in your pants?"  You could tell from his reaction that this was the first time he had been asked this question during a demonstration and after an awkward moment he patted his pants pockets and said, "No, I don't think so."

The adults in the room were stifling giggles as the handler squirmed as the girl continued, "Then why is it wiggling?"

This nearly put the adults over the edge, and made the handler stutter as he tried to figure out what the little girl was talking about and then it dawned on him.  It was one of those "light bulb moments" where you could see the exact moment he figured it out, "Do you mean the pillow cases?"

"Yeah, over there they're moving!"

He was relieved that the moment was over and continued with the demonstration.  I enjoyed it, learned some things about snakes I didn't know and had a good giggle at the same time.