Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ye Olde Drug Store

This building is in Williams, Iowa. Up the street from here is the Methodist church where I attended as a kid. The building is currently a small store, has a few groceries, has a few antiques, plus you can buy ice cream (that much hasn't changed in 40 years).

I have a vivid memory of getting in trouble here when I was 5 or 6. I had been fussy in church and my grandmother brought me here and bought me an ice cream cone. Now, the lesson she taught me was that if I don't want to sit in church, all I have to do is be fussy and I'll get to leave and get a treat. Lesson learned...

The following week I tried out what I had learned from my grandmother on my mother... well, the getting out of church part worked, but as soon as we hit the outdoors - SWAT on my behinder!!! New lesson learned - you can get away with more with grandmothers than mothers...


Roshni Mitra Chintalapati said...

Now ain't that the truth?!! Great post!

Band of Holy Men and Women - blogs said...

Well, I learned how to coerce nickels and dimes from my Dad across the street at the bank. I even tried to open a credit account with Mr. Bauman. Those were great years, meeting for cherry cokes and faus faits after school. And Saturday nights came alive on the steps. The rake job Chevy's' and Fords' cruisin' up and down Main Street.

Learned yesterday "Ye Ole Main's" up for sale. Anybody interested; thought about it for myself. Be nice to have a landing pad in the greatest little town on Earth. Where my deepest, most memorable moments on the planet were harbored.

Going back for the 4th. Only in a place like Williams, IA could you expect to see 80% of your past reconstructed. That is, among those still living. Fewer and fewer everytime back.

Neal Golden Lekwa