Wednesday, March 07, 2007


My wife recently retired from retail and has been "furiously" cleaning and sorting household goods. She recently came across her old Coronet and decided that she was going to take it up again and started practicing. Well, I'm an old trombone player and I was feeling left out, so I went to "resurrect" my old trombone, but it was in a sad was a 55 year old horn and had seen its better days. I played in a community orchestra in 1976 for a couple of years, but have not touched it since then (accept to move it).

I couldn't have my wife have all of the fun, so today we went out looked for trombones. The first ones we saw hanging on a wall went for $2000 to $3500 dollars. Yes, thousand!!! I'm not going to spend that kind of money on a horn I may decide I don't want to play. The manager of the store came over and I expressed my dismay and he offered that they have several student versions available for a couple of hundred dollars. Now, that was more to my liking. I am now the proud owner of a new (used) trombone.

I finished my first practice session about a half hour ago, and I must say this will take some work, but I did enjoy it. When we bought the horn we learned of a Community Band, New Horizons, which is for people 50 years of age and older who want to play in a band. After a month of practicing - I believe we'll give it a try. I have fond memories of "blowing my brains out" when I played for a community orchestra before. So, I look forward to the stress relief...I wonder of my neighbors can hear me practice?

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