Saturday, August 22, 2009

Plain Cheese Burger

Be careful when you order a plain cheesburger at Wendy's. My wife ordered a plain cheesburger, "Plain cheeseburger, just bread meat and cheese. And a diet coke please."

I sure don't know what the cook was thinking when he made a "plain" CHEESEburger without the cheese...? Am I wrong - doesn't that make it a plain hamburger?


Corker2 said...

I cook these Cheese Bergers everyday at my job in a Fast Food Restraunt named Schells here in Reading, PA. My Wife works there, also.

A plain Cheesberger is nothing more than Cheese, meat, and a bun. A plain Hamburger is just what it say's . . . meat & bun. Nothing else.

photowannabe said...

Go figure...doesn't make a lot of sense.