Friday, September 14, 2007

Construction Worker Bounty

My wife and I traveled to Kansas City, Missouri today to attend a Seminar for Credit Unions. Just as we passed into Missouri from Iowa we saw the "dreaded orange cones" announcing road construction. There were the typical signs, "Slow Down", "Speed Limit 55 MPH", and "Fines Double in Construction Zones".

One sign however caught my eye, as I have never seen it before. It read, "Slow Down - $10,000 fine, AND you lose your license if you hit a construction worker."

Sounds like a bounty on highway workers..., and, what happens if the worker has reached the end of his rope and throws himself in front of a vehicle? Who pays the fine? Is it shared?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

No Bull

We went to the Minnesota State Fair with my Step-Son, Daughter-In-Law, Wife, 2 daughters, 2 son-in-laws, and 4 of our 6 Grandkids. The Fair was great (I'll say better than the Iowa State Fair). We had a good time, visited the exhibits, ate the food, people watched and had a great time overall. I fullfilled my mission of getting a Yard Stick from every Fair I attend (Don't ask). We missed all of the storms - and missed the running of the bulls.

A day before we attended a bull had escaped and was charging hotdog stands, people, and was getting ready to charge a little girl, - when, he noticed a fire hydrant. He took off full speed (all 1200 lbs of him) and charged the hydrant. He hit the soft spot on his head and died instantly - no kidding (or should I say no bull) - seriously - he killed himself. There was a picture in the paper of him being hauled away. I was disappointed that there wasn't a chalk outline on the ground in the shape of a bull. I think they missed a chance for some good humor!!