Saturday, January 10, 2009

Beauty of New Snow

We received 4" of new snow last night and it is beautiful outside. Never mind all of the aggravation that goes with a new snow (shoveling, plowing, slipping, sliding, falling down) - it is gorgeous.

As I was taking my wife to work this morning we came across a SUV who had obviously been traveling too fast for the road conditions - hung up on a snow bank. I had my camera with me, but there was no opportunity to pull over and snap a photo. It seems, however, that the majority of vehicles in the ditch and "hung up" on snow banks are SUVs and trucks. I believe it is because the driver's have a false sense of security. They know they have 4 x 4 traction and can "plow" through the snow but seem to forget the stopping part... 4 x 4 or not, vehicles do not stop on a dime on ice. That's my 2 cents worth...(ok maybe a dime.). (Click on the photo to view a larger image.)

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