Sunday, September 20, 2009

Solution to Health Care

Bicker...bicker...bicker...that's all I hear about health care reform. They said, he said, she said...bicker...bicker...bicker.

In his morning homily today our priest suggested that the health care debate could be settled by the teaching, "..the last shall be first and the first shall be last." I have thought about what he suggested all day and that is if the voters could (sadly we cannot), vote to suspend all of the Senators and Representatives Health Care Plans they could experience life without health insurance. It just might be an impetus for them to move faster. It seems alot of them are getting up there in years and are probably taking a ton of medication for a variety of ailments. If they had to worry about how to pay the bill, perhaps their sense of urgency would be faster.

The congress should listen to the adage, "...walk a mile in my mocassions...". They should visit a Walmart, or a Walgreens pharmacy and observe the people who have to make a choice - do I eat or do I buy medicine? I've witnessed an elderly man choose - eat, because he couldn't pay the cost of the prescription.

Perhaps the congress should also visit an emergency room and observe all of the people who use these facilities as their "primary" caregiver, because they do not have insurance. Stop the line of people who are testifying before comittee, after committee and go out and stand in line in an emergency room.

Both the Republicans and Democrats agree that something needs to be done. However, (isn't there always a however?) each party is so busy "defending" their point of view that they are not aware of the people who have very real medical insurance needs.

My message to the Congress - don't use your health care plan until you come up with a plan for everyone. Plus, each member of congress should go to an ER on a Friday night and sit and watch. Dress down so no one knows who you are and just watch.

As my grandmother used to say to me, "Come now, get busy!!"


SaraG said...

Excellent post Robert.
I totally agree with you!!
They do need to walk a mile in someone's shoes who has no health insurance and has to make the decision to eat of get meds...It is really sad and I hope they get something figured out soon.

Les Barr said...

I agree with you on everything! Let those darn Lawmakers of ours get out and use the Health Insurance that us "Joe Citizen" has to use. This Health Insurance is all messed up and I don't think it's going to get much better for us "older" citizens. They've been "squabbling" about this Health stuff for over 40 yrs. What makes Obama think he's going to change it this time? I don't think so! If I remember right, he said that everyone should have the right to Insurance like the Rep. & Democrats have! Yeah, right! That will never happen. . . . at least in my Lifetime.