Thursday, July 02, 2009

40th Reunion

My 40th Class Reunion is coming up this weekend and somewhere between the 35th Reunion and now I managed to find myself on the defacto planning committee. It has been a great experience. The committee has grown close over the last 2 years and while we knew each other in high school, we were not close. We are now close.

During our planning stages what has surprised me the most are the grudges and hidden feelings some of our fellow classmates still carry after 40 years. I've got to say - we are not the same people we were 40 years ago, we have grown, and we have cool stories to tell.

During our planning an idea was floated that we should do something to remember our deceased classmates. The short version is that after discussing and cussing several ideas we ended up arranging a sponsorship of a walking Arboretum at the Calkins Nature Center in Iowa Falls. The Hardin County Conservation people picked out and planted and will care for our trees. It will be designed so that over time all of our 159 classmates will have a memorial tree - a living tribute to the memory of the Iowa Falls Class of 1969.The response from families has been nothing short of amazing and we expect a large attendance on Saturday morning as we remember our classmates. I'll probably be an emotional wreck.

One short story here - we have been soliciting donations from the class and have been successful in raising funds (need to raise more funds so that number 159 has a tree) but people are giving from their heart. One of our classmates who is down on their luck, has been saving money so that they could give. He who had little - gave much -

So, what does that have to do with the photograph? We are staying with one of the committee members in Clear Lake making our final battle plans - and this was the view last night. I'll have additional observations so stayed tuned...

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Corker2 said...

How bout' that? We will be having our 45th Class Reunion comming up in 2011. Every 5 yrs. we have one. This time I got to be Committee Chairperson with 4 other Classmates. I'm going to try and do something different for this next Reunion, instead of the same ole' thing.

It seems that every High School has the same problem where-ever you go. Some of my Classmates harbor bad feelings from back then cause of the way they were treated so long ago.

I say this . . . Grow up! That happened more than 40 yrs. ago. We all have changed over the years, and something this dumb should not be harbored.

However, there are a small few that will never come to our Class Reunion because of this problem. This small few must have been treated so bad that they still remember and have the hurt in them. I'm sorry for this, but there is not much I can do other than encourage them to attend. I, also, have thought of having a special page for our pamphlet that would Honor members of our Class that gave their Lives in Vietnam and also who served our Country in the Armed Forces. Our Class lost 2 members over in Vietnam. The others that served back then, all came home. Me included.

Lester P. Barr
United States Navy 1965 - 1968
Vietnam Veteren

Fleetwood Jr. Sr. High School
Fleetwood, PA. Class of 1966