Sunday, January 28, 2007

High School Friends

High School Friends pictured above are Marcus and Colleen in the top photo; Meredith and Mary in the center photo, and Tom and Linda in the bottom picture.

Helen and I spent the weekend in the Coralville (Iowa City) area getting re-acquainted with some high school friends of mine (pictured above).

I helped start a High School web site, with a stated purpose of "facilitating re-connecting." The response has been phenomenal and to date we have had over 3,000 visits to the web site, have had over 50 classmates register and have raised nearly $500 to help cover the cost of the site. A side benefit has been this weekends "mini-reunion."

Six of us "hung out" during high school and we were in a lot of shared activities. Somewhere after graduation I dropped out of sight for awhile as I was travelling around the world with the Navy. I managed to get back for a couple of reunions, but missed more than I made. The others stayed in, what I surmise, was frequent contact.

This weekend was great. Although the weather in Iowa was frightful (near 0 degrees) - our hearts were warmed with friendship. My hope is that this is a beginning, and that we can get together more often than once every 37 years.

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