Thursday, November 02, 2006

Every Profession Has Obstacles

Every Profession Has Challenges and Obstacles

Our youngest son’s birthday is on the 4th of July and this year we celebrated by going to my older son’s country club. They have day long activities, swimming, eating, golfing, eating, sitting by the pool, eating, tennis, eating...(I see a trend there) any rate, they also have lots of activities for the kids. One of the activities just happens to be “balloon art” done by a couple of clowns. You could tell they were clowns because they were dressed as clowns, including the big, oversize floppy feet. There was a girl clown and a guy clown (equal opportunity and all).

At any rate, during one of my frequent trips to recycle some of the liquid I had been consuming, I came into the restroom and discovered an un-happy clown. The “guy clown” was standing in front of the urinal. I can only imagine what the difficulty was, but I did over hear him curse under his breath - something about these damn big feet. It seems he couldn’t get close enough to the urinal because the big feet were hitting the wall. He had to re-group (so to speak) and use a stall. The turmoil’s of being a clown...I wonder if they teach bathroom tips in clown school?

I still chuckle at the sight of that clown standing 2 “feet” away from where he needed to be!!
© 2006 Robert Allen Hill

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Jkdrobinski said...

Funny that you can find the humor in about any situation. I bet even the clown would laugh if he read this story .