Wednesday, September 12, 2007

No Bull

We went to the Minnesota State Fair with my Step-Son, Daughter-In-Law, Wife, 2 daughters, 2 son-in-laws, and 4 of our 6 Grandkids. The Fair was great (I'll say better than the Iowa State Fair). We had a good time, visited the exhibits, ate the food, people watched and had a great time overall. I fullfilled my mission of getting a Yard Stick from every Fair I attend (Don't ask). We missed all of the storms - and missed the running of the bulls.

A day before we attended a bull had escaped and was charging hotdog stands, people, and was getting ready to charge a little girl, - when, he noticed a fire hydrant. He took off full speed (all 1200 lbs of him) and charged the hydrant. He hit the soft spot on his head and died instantly - no kidding (or should I say no bull) - seriously - he killed himself. There was a picture in the paper of him being hauled away. I was disappointed that there wasn't a chalk outline on the ground in the shape of a bull. I think they missed a chance for some good humor!!


Anonymous said...

yard stick or no yard stick you really know that OUR STATE FAIR IS THE BEST STATE FAIR. just a reminder.

Love u no who

Anonymous said...

That must have been someone from Iowa...